Jul 5, 2010

Tips on Google Docs

I bet you've heard of Google Docs. This allows you to do your work wherever you are as the document can be accessed anywhere as long as you have internet connection and a Google account. Recently, Google Docs has been updated with several new features.

  • Several users can edit and read the documents AT THE SAME TIME through Collaboration (by editting the Sharing settings in the picture below).
  • Documents can be shared and published on blogs and websites (Publish to the Web).

  • Google Docs support ODT (OpenOffice), CSV, RTF (RichText), PDF, DOCX(which will be converted to DOC for editing) and so on.

  • In Google Docs' Spreadsheet (a Microsoft Excel look-alike), similar formulae can be used in Docs. This allows flexibility for Microsoft users.

  • There is a ruler now for the margin. Indents can be added on the ruler by clicking on the ruler.

  • Equation can be inserted easily.
  • You can now draw in Google Docs

  • There is a Word Count tool in Google Docs.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at Google Docs.

Titbits (You will like it): 
Google's new stable release of Chrome comes with built-in Adobe Flash (Joyce, you should try this.) so now, you don't have to manually download Adobae Flash on your own. With this,
Google created a YouTube Video Game to highlight its new HTML5 feature. To complete the game, you have to answer several questions, which also boasts Google's dominance in internet search.

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