Nov 22, 2009

[SOLVED] Google Chrome - Aw, Snap! He's Dead, Jim!

If you are using Google Chrome web browser and "Aw, Snap" or "He's Dead, Jim!" happens no matter which website you go, please follow the instructions below.

1) Uninstall Chrome
2) Open Windows Explorer
3) If you do not have Show Hidden Files enabled, then in Windows Explorer hit Tools - Folder Options - View -Select 'Show Hidden Files and Folders - OK.
4) Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\[the user you're using]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
5) Delete the Chrome folder.  (some process had this folder locked for me, so I had to navigate into each subdirectory within the folder and delete all files manually)
6) Reboot
7) Install Chrome

Nov 20, 2009

Have a glimpse of Google Chrome OS

Here are some pictures of the new Google Chrome OS from CNET and TechCrunch.

Chrome OS applications

Chrome OS full screen






Chrome OS panels

Chrome OS contacts

Chrome OS vision


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Nov 19, 2009

PDF Reader

Foxit Reader is the cure to Adobe's PDF Reader. It loads faster and works well with Windows operating systems. It's function are all the same as that of Adobe's. Try it now.

Publisher : Foxit Software

Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

Release date : November 5, 2009

File size : 5.07MB

License model : Free 
Download from : CNet -

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 beta

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 beta was launched yesterday. It is said to work faster and offers rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work at the office, home, or school. 

Publisher : Microsoft

Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 3

Release date : November 18, 2009

File size : 3 GB of available disk space

License model : Free

Download from : CNet -

Nov 18, 2009

New Google Homepage

Check out the new Google Homepage which has shrunk from 30+ words to just 5 words in one page.  Google's famous "I'm Feeling Lucky" button famously went missing too. Try moving the mouse to reveal more of the page.

Check it out at

Google Chrome OS set to be launched on Thursday

"Google is planning to hold a special Chrome OS event at its headquarters in Mountain View, CA this Thursday morning, we’ve just been notified. The plan is to give some technical background information as well as show off some demos, we’re told. More notably, they will be giving a “complete overview” of the new OS, which they say will launch next year....."

..continue reading at TechCrunch

Google Set to Dash

Google Dashboard is here to allow you to have an overview of all your Google accounts. Here, you can change your profile and account settings for Google applications such as Blogger, Gmail, Youtube and many more.

Check it out at

Launch it from your keyboard

How to launch programs just using your fingers?

Use Launchy to launch everything, from applications to documents to searching websites.

Publisher : Josh Karlin

Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000

Release date : August 19, 2008

File size : 3.87MB

License model : Free

Download from : CNet -