Jan 26, 2010

Google Chrome 4 (Stable)

Download the new Google Chrome 4 which has the new Extensions function which was only available previously on Google Chrome Beta.

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Convert Docx to Doc

Are you using Microsoft Office 2003 and someone sends you a .Docx file?

Now you can still access it for editing and reading by converting it to .Doc.

You can either convert it online using DOCX CONVERTER


by downloading the DOCX CONVERTER widget on your desktop


by downloading the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats for Microsoft Office XP and 2003 users.

Jan 21, 2010

Find > Mix > Watch - Only on Youtube FM

Launched at TestTube at Youtube, it allows you to 

You can make playlists and discover new artists and music videos. 

With this, you can also add and delete songs or videos easily. 

Try NOW.

Jan 20, 2010

What Browser?

Check out

What Browser.com 

which is made by

Jan 19, 2010

Google Chrome - Open a New Tab

Open a new tab in Google Chrome

 by clicking the middle scroll button on your mouse without leaving your present web page.

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Jan 14, 2010

Google Chrome - Tips on Omnibox

in Google Chrome.
Here are the few tips on using it.
1. When you type something in the Omnibox, hold down 

the resulting page will open as a new tab without disrupting your previous tab.
2. You can create shortcuts to any website by dragging the words in the Omnibox onto the desktop. 

3. You can also drag the star button located right beside the Omnibox to the desktop to create the shortcut  on the desktop just like in point 2.

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Jan 13, 2010

Try the Google Chrome (BETA)


now to use the
How to install extensions?
First, install the new .

This is the help from Google support to use the Extensions.

Install extensions from the gallery

Follow these steps:
Click the Tools menu Tools menu.
Select Extensions.

Click Get more extensions to go to the Extensions gallery. You can also go directly to the gallery by visiting https://chrome.google.com/extensions

Browse or search the gallery for extensions. Once you find an extension you want to install, click its link to go to its home page.

On the home page, you can see quick statistics and user comments about the extension. Click Install to download the extension.

    1. Anyone can upload extensions to the gallery, so you should only install extensions created by people you trust.

  1. A dialog will inform you about the data and functionality that the extension will be able to access. Click Install to continue.

Once the extension is downloaded, it'll automatically install and load.
If you download an extension from outside the gallery, you'll be asked to confirm the download in the Downloads bar.

download the extensions that you want.

For a start, try

       Google Similar Pages beta (by Google)

      Google Mail Checker

       Google Translate

Jan 12, 2010

Convert PDF documents to WORD* format without hassle

* WORD documents such as Rich Text Format (.RTF), Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect.

Convert PDF to Word files easily with NitroPDF's PDF to Word

You can either convert your files online or download the 14-Day trial.

Publisher : Nitro PDF 

Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98

License model : Free online usage (or 14 days trial)

Download from : PDF to Word Home Page

Jan 11, 2010

Convert files to PDF in 1step

Convert documents to PDF using PrimoPDF.

Now, you do not have to spend a penny to convert all your documents to PDF.

You can either drag and drop files onto Primo PDf 's desktop icon for quick conversion


1. Install PrimoPDF.

2. Open your word document or picture file.

3. Click the "Print" icon or "Print" at the "File" menu.

4. At "Select Printer", choose "PrimoPDF" as the printer. (Refer to the pictures below)

5. Print.

6. A PrimoPDF window will popped up. Choose the destination folder and edit the "Post Process" according to your needs. (Preferably "Open PDF")

7. TADA! Your PDF file is created and you can find it at the destination folder.

Publisher : Nitro PDF 

Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98

Release date : October 08, 2009

File size : 7.39MB

License model : Free

Download from : CNet - Download.com

                           PrimoPDF Home Page

Jan 8, 2010

The Web based English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Indonesian Language Translator

Everything is about E now. You have email, e-cards,e-commerce, e-business and more.

Would you bother to get up and take your dictionary just to check the meaning of a word?

I guess it will be a BIG NO! ^^ The presence of E-dictionaries like Dictionary.com, or the NEW GOOGLE Dictionary makes word search easier.

But will you be able to get the meaning of a Bahasa Malaysia word? Not easy eh?

Now, with Citcat奇查 from Malaysia you can translate any word between English, Bahasa Malaysia, chinese and Indonesian.

Cool?? With an account with Citcat奇查, you can enter up to 200 words to be translated (up to 100 words for non-members).

Plus, with it's cool 4-zone interface at it's website, you can easily access all the functions of the site.

Try now.(move your cursor over the Citcat logo and read the highlight)

Google Chrome Extensions - Wikipedia Companion - Mini Wiki Browser and Google Dictionary (by Google)

Remember my post two days ago on Google Search Tips

Now, with Google Chrome, you can search things on Wikipedia and find definitions on Google Dictionary more easily with Wikipedia Companion - Mini Wiki Browser and Google Dictionary (by Google).


Not using Google Chrome yet? Download it from Google.

Google Dictionary (by Google) is easy to use as you can search the meaning of words by double clicking on the word.

It appears beside the address bar.

Not using Google Chrome yet? Download it from Google.

Jan 7, 2010

*Buntu? Not anymore.

*Buntu means blocked or lost in Bahasa Malaysia.

Lost in Ubuntu? Cannot connect to the internet in Ubuntu? Too many command lines to remember?

With the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, you can now have a reliable source for all the help you needed long ago. From installing Ubuntu to managing and securing the system.

It's FREE!!

The book walks the user through installing Ubuntu, so all that's needed is a computer. Installing using Windows is covered, however.

Get it now from CNET or straight from the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference's Homepage!

Publisher : Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Operating systems: Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98

Release date : January 19, 2009

File size : 1.97MB

License : Free

Download from : CNet - Download.com

   Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference's Homepage

Jan 6, 2010

igNITE to start your engine

1. PICK 



Imagine downloading all the programs below with just a few clicks.

Now you can download all the programs (more at the site), by just choosing (PICK) the softwares that you want and Ninite will download (START) and install everything for you (LEAVE IT). Even if you just installed part of the programs that you have chosen and you restart your computer, you can always continue downloading and install by starting Ninite.

Jan 5, 2010

Life on LINE

Read the latest news organized in a timeline form at Google News Timeline.

You can check the latest updates from any newspapers and blogs for your daily or entertainment needs!

Also, check out the Google Timeline, which was launched a few years ago during one of it's anniversaries. It shows you Google's major breakthroughs and highlights in the past decade by just scrolling with your mouse.