Mar 8, 2011

TIPS: Google Chrome Extensions- Stop Autoplay for YouTube

Do you find loading videos on Youtube a little annoying because you need to click stop every time it starts playing, just to allow it to buffer?

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You can use "Stop Autoplay for YouTube" to automatically stop the video from playing but allows the video to buffer (or load) so that you can play it as you wish after it loads.

Get the "Stop Autoplay for YouTube" extension here.


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4 feedbacks:

geNe said...

installing it now!

Catherine Ang said...

actually how to install the youtube downloaded ?

Zeneraith said...

It's a nice idea, but doesn't work too well for me — yes it automatically pauses the video, but before the pause, the video plays for a tiny split second, which is annoying, especially if my volume is up and the video has sound.

Ben Tech said...

Catherine: just use this link ^^

Zeneraith: oh.. yeah. but it does not happen everytime though.

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