Feb 25, 2011

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Let's cook with Google!! Google recipes more easily on Google now!

Google search is now enhanced with "Recipes" view, which makes the task of finding recipes in the internet easier. You also get to customise the ingredients search through the radio buttons on the sidebar.

Try it now at Google Search here (currently available on Google US only - 6th of March 2011).

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Google Docs is now connected to Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is a plugin which allows you to sync your Microsoft Office documents to Google Docs. This allows you to backup your documents in real time and at the same time allows you to share, collaborate and sync the files automatically and conveniently. The settings can be easily tweak within the plugin and each document will have its own unique URL.

A picture speaks a thousand words, thus a video should speak far more than a picture, let's watch the video below.

Get Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office here.

Feb 24, 2011

Map your Facebook friends!

Do you want to know where your Facebook friends are? "Where My Friends Be" is a tool which uses Google Maps and within seconds it will show you your friends' location, which will be visualised in a map and you will be the epicentre of the map. How cool is that!

[via Mashable]

FREE: Avast Antivirus 6

avast! antivirus
Free Antivirus
Get your hands on the new Avast Antivirus 6 which was launched yesterday! It is the second free antivirus software which offers the sandboxing feature in their free version. Its AutoSandbox allows you to run programs that it suspects as threats in a virtualised state so that it will not damage your system. CNET gave it a 4.5/5 star and the editor's review (Seth Rosenblatt) can be read here. I personally use Avast 5.0 and now 6.0 after Avira's free antivirus slows down my PC last year. It's fast and it updates really quickly too!

WHAT is sandbox? Wikipedia's answer
DOWNLOAD Avast FREE Antivirus 6  from CNET here
Avast's Website here

Feb 23, 2011

UPDATE: Your Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

(Image Source: Digital Trends)

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has been released. This update contains security patches and bug fixes (for more info on what's in the update, check out LifeHacker). Update your operating system by:

1. Opening up Windows Update from the Start Menu
2. Download it from Microsoft

HOW TO Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 / HOW TO Install Windows 7 SP1 (via LiewCF.com)

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Got iPhone or Android phone? Fancy free sms-es? HeyWire is here.

If you have an iPhone or any Android phone, why not try out HeyWire which allows you to text for free anywhere around the world (check coverage here - Malaysia's Celcom, Digi and Maxis are included). All you need to do is to download the app (AppStore / Android Market). With this app, you can use it for texting (or sms), Facebook Chat,  Twitter and IM (Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Chat) all under a single application. When you sign up for it, you will be given a real phone number as an identification and you can use it to text for free, so long as your family member/friend send/receive the message using HeyWire's app**. Now, if you have used it on your iPhone or Android phone, the have a beta version which you can use it on your Mac or PC.

HeyWire was featured on Mashable on the 26th of January 2011.

**For friends, family and co-workers standard text messaging rates will apply for receiving text messages from you and sending of text messages back to you through their mobile operator. (Source: HeyWire's FAQ)
p/s: I have not tried HeyWire yet. If you have any feedbacks, please do comment it below :D

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Feb 16, 2011

Design: Flame Painter

Do you want to design your own wallpaper?

Head over to Flame Painter to try it out. It's really addicting trying out all the patterns that you can do with you mouse. Different gestures will exhibit really different flame paintings and colour shades. I can't explain it here, as you have to try it out yourself. The online painter is FREE.

(You may need to use Internet Explorer or Firefox (with Java) for this to work as it won't work on my Google Chrome.)

Check out: Flame Painter

Feb 15, 2011

Qwiki - A wiki that is better than Wikipedia?

If you think Wikipedia is too long winded, why not try Qwiki, as it offers a more interactive and simpler explanation of a topic that you want to understand.

All you need to do is to type in the topic that you want to know, for instance, "Gorilla" and an interactive player will explain gorilla to you interactively (voice, image, subtitle). You can zoom into the images by clicking on them and the player will pause automatically, allowing you to look more detail into the images.

After that, you can share it on Facebook, tweet about it and also embed it on your website/blog. And if you think that the information is insufficient, just click on Wikipedia, Google, Fotopedia or Youtube (on the left side of the page after the explanation ends) for more information. Clicking on them search the topics you intended to know on the respective database/search engine.

For a start, play with Qwiki with this search - Gorilla (Click here)

Feb 14, 2011

Tips- Gmail: Desktop Notifications.

Now you can have desktop notifications when you receive new emails in your Gmail.

Just sign in your Gmail --> Click "Settings" on the top right corner of your Gmail --> At the "General" tab, scroll down until you see "Desktop Notifications" (Refer to the image below) --> Select "New mail notifications on"

Feb 10, 2011

Tips: Rename your thumbdrive

Rename your thumbdrive by putting in your handphone number so your missing thumbdrive can find it's way back to you.

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