Jan 28, 2011


Go to Google.com, type 'epic box' into the search bar and then click 'I'm Feeling Lucky'.

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Jan 25, 2011

Review: Rockmelt-The social browser

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Launched at the end of last year, Rockmelt.com was one of the top tweeted trends on December 13, 2010. It is the new social media web browser, built based on Chromium (Google's open-source project). Naturally, it has the usual Google Chrome look. 
Rockmelt's look

Basically, it allows you to browse the web without having to open a new tab specifically for Facebook or Twitter. It also allows you to get feeds from sites by entering the site's URL or manually approving it when you browse a website. These feeds  will appear on the right side of the browser(called App Edge).
Rockmelt's lookRockmelt's look 
On the left side of the browser (Friend edge), you will see your friends who are currently online.

You can easily share stuff online by click the share button just right beside the address bar too!

And, whenever there's updates or new feeds, there will be pop-ups on your taskbar (just like Windows Live Messenger's pop-ups) and it can be disabled at the "Options" tab. If you use Google Chrome on a normal basis, there is not much different from it. 

Just logon to Rockmelt.com and click "Connect with Facebook" and "Authorise it" for their beta invite. Within 48 hours, come back to Rockmelt.com and the "Download" button will be there. Just download and install it. 
Rockmelt's look
After installation, just sign in into your Facebook account (sign in your Twitter account later) and allow for all the request for permission. 

Rockmelt's look

Rockmelt's look

Remember to close Google Chrome if you want to import your Chrome settings into Rockmelt.
Rockmelt's look
Enjoy your new browsing experience with Rockmelt! If you need some guide around Rockmelt, type in "rockmelt://help/" (without the inverted commas) within the Rockmelt browser.

(Some facts are taken from Wikipedia)

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THE VERDICT: 1Malaysia, 1SocialNetwork

Introducing Malaysia's new social network.

Yup. That's right. 1Malaysia.com, very close to our Prime Minister's 1Malaysia.com.my.

I signed up after I saw Jason Goh's (@smashpOp) twitter post.

smashpop's tweet
How was 1Malaysia.com?
1: Signing up was pretty easy. I got it all up in 3 minutes. There is no verification mail though, so I guess someone else can set up an account in your email and name without your consent.

2: My first impression on 1Malaysia.com was it looks like Apple's website. 
3:They have the "Like" and Comment button. You can share links, video, photo and also Music. You will have your own wall and a public wall (that's what i call it). The homepage will be the public wall, where you can share links, video, photo and also Music and the whole community can see it. 

4: How is it different from Facebook? There is this music sharing function where you can upload your music/songs and share it with the whole community. You will be able to add your favorite uploads to your own playlist. 
Besides, you can share videos, photos and even create groups in the 1Malaysia community.
There is also a forum but it doesn't allow you to delete your post after you've created one   :(
5: Lastly, any privacy concerns? They allow you to tweet the privacy settings, but not as advanced as Facebook's though.  

Conclusion: Should you join? Well, it's still a very new site with 12,357 members (as at 25/1/2011 12.37AM GMT+8). I don't see a point quitting Facebook for this yet because there's no applications and I did not see any photo tagging function also.

The Star's mStar has reported about it on the 17th of January 2011 in this article 1malaysia.com sedia ganti Facebook, though i don't think it will replace Facebook until they release the codes for application developers.

Posted at 12:42AM, 25/1/2011 and there's 12,362 members already, an addition of 5 members in 5 minutes!

Jan 22, 2011

Imgur, share your images easily.

Imgur, the simple image sharer
Introducing Imgur.com. Imgur (pronounced as image-er; imager.) allows you to share images online without having to open an account. As long as your image file is less than 10MB, you can upload it to Imgur and share it with your friends. You may ask how long will the image be on Imgur. On it's FAQ page, it says that as long as your images are getting at least 1 view every 3 months, they will stick around forever. After that, your image may be removed to create more space for newer images. Besides, your pictures will be anonymous, which means that no one knows who posted what and private images will not be made public.

If your pictures gained a certain popularity, it will be added to the Gallery and you can look for the trending ones on Topsy- a real time search engine for Twitter.

Can the images be deleted after you upload it? Yes. There will be a "Deletion Link" at the bottom left after you uploaded the picture (Refer to the picture below). Remember, the deletion link only shows up once, so make sure you save a copy of it just in case you want to delete it in the future. 

Imgur, the simple image sharer, screenshots after upload

Format of Image allowed: JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XCF (GIMP). Please note that the TIFF, BMP, PDF and XCF formats will be converted to PNG on upload.

Size: A maximum of 10MB and those over 1MB will automatically be compressed or resized to 1MB, for better viewing.