Jan 25, 2011

THE VERDICT: 1Malaysia, 1SocialNetwork

Introducing Malaysia's new social network.

Yup. That's right. 1Malaysia.com, very close to our Prime Minister's 1Malaysia.com.my.

I signed up after I saw Jason Goh's (@smashpOp) twitter post.

smashpop's tweet
How was 1Malaysia.com?
1: Signing up was pretty easy. I got it all up in 3 minutes. There is no verification mail though, so I guess someone else can set up an account in your email and name without your consent.

2: My first impression on 1Malaysia.com was it looks like Apple's website. 
3:They have the "Like" and Comment button. You can share links, video, photo and also Music. You will have your own wall and a public wall (that's what i call it). The homepage will be the public wall, where you can share links, video, photo and also Music and the whole community can see it. 

4: How is it different from Facebook? There is this music sharing function where you can upload your music/songs and share it with the whole community. You will be able to add your favorite uploads to your own playlist. 
Besides, you can share videos, photos and even create groups in the 1Malaysia community.
There is also a forum but it doesn't allow you to delete your post after you've created one   :(
5: Lastly, any privacy concerns? They allow you to tweet the privacy settings, but not as advanced as Facebook's though.  

Conclusion: Should you join? Well, it's still a very new site with 12,357 members (as at 25/1/2011 12.37AM GMT+8). I don't see a point quitting Facebook for this yet because there's no applications and I did not see any photo tagging function also.

The Star's mStar has reported about it on the 17th of January 2011 in this article 1malaysia.com sedia ganti Facebook, though i don't think it will replace Facebook until they release the codes for application developers.

Posted at 12:42AM, 25/1/2011 and there's 12,362 members already, an addition of 5 members in 5 minutes!

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