Mar 30, 2011

TIPS: How to bypass New York Times' Paywall

I just got blocked after 20 articles and the screenshot above appeared on The New York Times online.

As you may have known by now, The New York Times (NYTimes) has already imposed a paywall for its service and only allow you to read 20 free articles for a month. Readers can also view 25 free articles per day through search, and an unlimited number via blogs and social networks. The charges for its access is as below and can be found here:
  • $15 for four weeks of access to and a mobile phone app.
  • $20 for four weeks of access to and its iPad app.
  • $35 for four weeks of access to all of the above
However, currently, NYTimes is only charging 99¢ for the first month (four weeks) according to its website.

Mashable has a way to bypass the paywall. Read it here.

Another better one here.

Lifehacker has their own version here.

Podcast #LOLShow Malaysia has their opinions on this paywall here.
Although I like technology and it makes it easier to get news online, sometimes, there's just too many news to absorb and sometimes, identifying which is true is even more difficult. That's why I still read the 'physical' newspaper everyday, as the news are selected from the pool of news in the internet :D

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