Jul 1, 2010

TechKNEW has a new layout & Google News has been updated

*Techknew has a new layout!*

After a half month hiatus and semester break, finally, Techknew is updated. I'll recommended videos on KnewTube.blogspot.com and weird or unknown facts on KnewFacts.blogspot.com. Do check them out ya~!

For a restart, Google News is on the news today as it has been updated to allow each user to have a personalized news page according to one's interest.

The Google News' home page is slightly tweaked with the trending top stories listed on the left side bar whereas the News Edition settings has been switched to the right (as shown below). 

There is a new "Add a section"(as shown below) beside the News Editions settings which allows you to add different news categories such as Social Networking NewsMobile Technology News and more. 

Lastly, another notable update is this "News for you" in the middle of the Google News home. This allows you to customize how often you would like to read news from each section and add topics you follow.

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