Jul 25, 2010

Windows Live Essentials Beta 2010 comes with NEW Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Essentials Beta now comes with the new Windows Live Messenger for Windows 7! Chat in HD! And Outlook is now integrated with Facebook! Available for Windows 7 and Vista only. The status button on the Aero Peek on your task bar is so cool!

It has a new sign in interface and allows you to integrate your messenger with Facebook and Myspace. What's more? The interface is very Facebook-like. And you can toggle between the old and new Messenger. You can comment on your friend's status on the new Live Messenger.

Multiple chats now appear in TABS form, like in ebuddy!!! No more complains on "where is that window? where is it on the taskbar?"' YAY!

This comes with a free Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta which allows you to edit and post photos up on Facebook and videos on Youtube easily. Windows Live Movie Maker Beta is also part of Windows Live Essentials.

Try it NOW! 

Download it from Windows Live Essentials Beta.

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