Jul 7, 2010

Malay-English Reversal and updates on my 100th post!

Hey! Yesterdays's HTML codes were not functioning, sorry ya! So I have updated it already. It should be alright now.

In response to reply Xiang Jiek's Russian Reversal, I modified and came out with my own Malay-English Reversal.

Just copy the codes below and paste them into your Notepad. Then save the file with a ".bat" extension, eg. "Malay-English.bat". Close, reopen the file and follow the instructions on it.

@echo off


set /p noun=Give me a noun:

set /p description=describe %noun%?

echo In English, it is %description% %noun%.

echo In Malay, it is %noun% %description%! (try reading it in Malay :P)


goto :start


Firefox has a new beta version. Look at it at Cnet.

Google's new stable release of Chrome comes with built-in Adobe Flash (Joyce, you should try this.) so now, you don't have to manually download Adobae Flash on your own. With this,
Google created a YouTube Video Game to highlight its new HTML5 feature. To complete the game, you have to answer several questions, which also boasts Google's dominance in internet search.

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