Jan 8, 2010

The Web based English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Indonesian Language Translator

Everything is about E now. You have email, e-cards,e-commerce, e-business and more.

Would you bother to get up and take your dictionary just to check the meaning of a word?

I guess it will be a BIG NO! ^^ The presence of E-dictionaries like Dictionary.com, or the NEW GOOGLE Dictionary makes word search easier.

But will you be able to get the meaning of a Bahasa Malaysia word? Not easy eh?

Now, with Citcat奇查 from Malaysia you can translate any word between English, Bahasa Malaysia, chinese and Indonesian.

Cool?? With an account with Citcat奇查, you can enter up to 200 words to be translated (up to 100 words for non-members).

Plus, with it's cool 4-zone interface at it's website, you can easily access all the functions of the site.

Try now.(move your cursor over the Citcat logo and read the highlight)

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