Nov 1, 2010

Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark

Yup! That's right!
Twitter wants to control the use of its logo and name. Make sure you follow the guidelines HERE
Some of the highlights:
  • On the web: Use the phrase "Follow me/us on Twitter" with the word 'Twitter' spelled out or using a Twitter logo and an optional link to your Twitter Account. You can also use the current Twitter logo, Twitter Bird Icon, or one of the Twitter buttons as a link to your account. (Yup! That's right! I've updated the Twitter icon on the top of this page!) (No logo on this post! Hah!)
  • In print: Use the phrase "Follow me/us on Twitter" with the word "Twitter" spelled out or with a Twitter logo (available here) and your username. 
  • Refer to "Twitter" when talking about us, and "Tweets" when talking about the messages or updates on our service on Publications, on TV and at Conferences.
  • Manipulate the logos unless necessary due to color restrictions (for example, black and white)
  • Imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with Twitter, Inc.
  • Use the Twitter bird as a spokesperson to carry your logos or messaging (for example, your logo next to or being carried by the bird).
  • Create your own buttons or marks using our logos.
  • Make inaccurate statements about our service on Publications, on TV and at Conferences.
Using Twitter screenshots:
  • Use screenshots of other people’s profiles or Tweets without their permission

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