May 15, 2011


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Yes. the free stuff you will get here is an ADVICE from me.
Be more mindful of what you click LA! This subway thing has been going on for almost a week already! Do you think that Subway will give out so many millions of Free Subway through Facebook?? Stop spreading the spam links. Click on the "X" symbol and mark it as spam. Don't fall in this trap set by people who only wants your personal information.

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OK. YES. Everyone knows Osama's dead. If you want to watch the video of him being caught in video, then go to those news site or Youtube to watch it, not by clicking on Facebook Apps. Be patient. Wait for the OFFICIAL VIDEO. YES. SERIOUS.

Share this with your friends. Tell them about it. Make Facebook a safer site for everyone.

That's all for my PSA today. Be more internet savvy. Follow @techknew and Like my FB page.

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Ernest Ng said...

super duper agree with u on this! always kena spamming from own friends!

cxjiek said...

I don't know, but I feel like this is a bit harsh for non tech savy people

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