May 14, 2011

TIPS - How to reduce the number of tabs opened in your web browser (Google Chrome Extensions/Firefox Addons/ Safari/ IE/ iPhone/ iPod/ iPad/ Android/ Blackberry/ WebOS/ Symbian S60/ Windows mobile)

If you are like me, who opens a new tab whenever we see something interesting to read, usually have more tabs than anyone can read. This can be a inefficient as switching and finding the tabs that we actually want can be daunting when we have 80 tabs opened at once. This also takes up a lot of memory as the each Google Chrome tab runs as a separate process (Be sure to read my next post next week on another tips on this!).

One too many tabs: Use Read it Later's extension to help you manage your tabs

Fortunately, Read it Later came out with the extensions for almost all the major web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), but it also works in other browsers by logging into your account. This allows you to mark those links that might interest you to a reading list, so that you can access it anywhere with virtually all devices, including your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones/tablets , WebOS phones and Blackberry phones.

You can add the links in both ways, either by clicking on the button beside the omnibar/address bar and click on "mark as unread" or you can also right-click on the link and select "Save Link to Read Later".

Get your addons here:
Web Browsers
Other browsers

Mobile devices
Android phones/tablets
WebOS phones
Symbian S60
Windows Mobile

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