May 22, 2011


Do you want to watch this,
and this in Malaysia?

 (Image source: Super GT Malaysia

You can go to the Super GT International Series in Sepang on the 18th (Qualifying) and 19th (Race) of June 2011 to look at those cars! Pst.. pst.. but the GOOD PEOPLE at I LOVE DISCOUNTS are having a deal like no other for the entrance tickets!

I saw this at the Super GT Malaysia's booth Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya yesterday. They were selling the tickets at  RM 100 and RM 88 for early birds but with I LOVE DISCOUNTS - Malaysia's Favourite Discount Website, you can get more than just a ticket!

Yeah, you've heard it right! It is cheaper than the early bird price (Original Price: RM 100; Early Birds: RM 88)!

Here's the details about the exclusive deal by I LOVE DISCOUNTS (Btw, This deal is not even out yet,as at 9.30pm, on 22nd of May 2011):

It is RM 75 for 1 Grandstand Ticket.


If you purchase 1 ticket, you will get a FREE CAP WORTH RM 35.
If you purchase 2 tickets, you will then get an option of GETTING 2 CAPS or a CAP AND a SHIRT

That is not all. You will also have a chance to WIN a Corporate Ticket worth RM 800!

This is how the lucky draw works. For each 100 buyers on I LOVE DISCOUNTS, you will stand a chance to win 1 Corporate Ticket worth RM 800.

Moreover, if the deal hits 200 buyers, you will have another chance for a MONEY-CAN’T-BUY Safari passes. Yes, I googled "Safari passes super GT" and I found that you have to buy a Paddock Club ticket at RM2000 in order to get the Safari passes and not only that, the Safari passes are LIMITED only to early purchases. (Safari passes is where you are entitled to be on a bus on the circuit, and the cars come all over you) Does it sound like a good deal for you?

Get your Super GT tickets at I LOVE DISCOUNTS. Pst pst.. Remember to share this *EXCLUSIVE DEAL*. It's not even out yet. (as at 9.30pm, on 22nd of May 2011)


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