Oct 14, 2009

Portable Apps #6 - KeePass

 Too many usernames and passwords to remember?


With KeePass, you can store all those under a master password. Then, you will just remember your master password! ^^ How convenient.

There, just set a master password to enter your password database.

With just a double click, you can copy the password from your database. Then, you can paste the password in your login form within 10 seconds.

You can also use KeePass to generate passwords for you. You can set a wide range of requirements for your passwords so that they are strong enough to safeguard your online accounts.

What are you waiting for? Download KeePass .

To use KeePass,
1. Download it.
2. After downloading the file, double click the file and install it to your thumbdrive or external hard drive.
3. TADA! You are ready to use it now. Enjoy!

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