Oct 7, 2009

Don't GPS and Drive

Having a small device like the GPS, which directs you to your final destination may seem like a safe thing. But according to a new study, using GPS while behind the wheel is actually more distracting and less safe than unfolding a paper map and using it to find your way. The Mirror newspaper in Great Britain reported on a survey it had conducted estimating that navigation systems were behind some 300,000 accidents or near accidents in the UK. That's about 800 accidents a day!

However, the danger of using GPS while driving is not as well known as the danger of using your handphone.  So when you are using your GPS device next time, be extra careful.

Safety Tips on using the GPS

A few simple tips make GPS units significantly safer.

First, don't try to input addresses while moving. Have a passenger do it or pull over.

Second, mount portable units on the dash or window close to the driver's seat so that you don't have to look far to see the display.

Don't rely on the devices entirely. Arm yourself with a paper map for backup and some common sense to keep yourself out of troubling territory.

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