Oct 1, 2009

A Secure Internet-based Data Storage

There is no need to bring your thumbdrive now! Dropbox is here!

Dropbox is a secure way to share and back up your files while giving you the opportunity to retrieve your files from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Dropbox allows you to upload your files from your computer and retrieve it as if it is a portable USB thumbdrive.

It is very easy to use. Just click "Upload" and choose your file. It is that easy! After that you can share the files (Photos and documents) with your family, friends and colleagues.

It also has very high upload speed as I have tried uploading a 138 MB file in just 5 minutes. It is impressive to me . You can upload 2GB of files to Dropbox and what's more? By inviting your friends, you get an extra 3GB of bonus space!

2GB is not enough?? You can always upgrade it to Pro 50 (USD $ 9.99/month) or Pro 100 (USD $19.99/month).

You can download and install its application into your computer to ease the synching your files between Dropbox and your computer. Now, there is an application for iPhone(download the iPhone app here) too. This will surely a bonus to you!

Sign up and try DROPBOX now!

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