Apr 12, 2011

TIPS: Adobe Illustrator

This is something I got from GraFeed Club today :D Thanks Max!

Hold CTRL + T to get the character window.

Hold SHIFT + Drag to drag a pixel without distorting the image/text and to draw shapes.

Hold CTRL + Z Undo.

Rotate an image using mouse or mouse + SHIFT key.

Duplicate text/image using CTRL + C and CTRL + V.

Click Polygon Tool from shapes then hold ALT + click on the white space to create triangle.

Click on Transparency and adjust the opacity to create transparency on the shapes.

Hold CTRL + R  for ruler. Drag the ruler to get a guide line. CTRL + : to remove the line.

Hold SHIFT + F7 to align.

Right-click the text to Create Outlines and right click again to Ungroup and again to Release Compound Path to play with the font.

Hold SHIFT then DRAG the image/text then hold ALT to duplicate them. (SHIFT is to align the image/text)

Pathfinder can be used to combined different layers by clicking Window -- Pathfinder -- Unite, as long as the layers touch each other.

Creating outlines and CTRL + 7 will delete the layers below.

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