Apr 3, 2012

TIPS: Google Account Activity

Google now allows you to know what information it holds of you: How emails you've sent in the past month, your most contacted person in Gmail, your sign in location, your web browser and on what device you used to sign in to 60 Google's services. 

This feature can also be used as a security measure. If you notice sign-ins from other countries that you haven't been or devices that you never used, you can change your password or sign up with Google's 2-step verification (for more information on Google's 2-step verification, read here), where in addition to your username and password, you'll have to enter a code that Google will send you via text or voice message to your phone upon signing in.

Google users who are interested in this service can sign up for it at Google's Account Activity website.

This should also remind you of the privacy issues and what Google can do with the vast amount of information Google has of each user. What if Google get hacked again? 

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