Jun 1, 2011

PLAY: 2 Ways to Play Angry Birds on PC

(Click PLAY to listen to the music while you read :D)

1. Google Chrome
Now you can play in Google Chrome. One million plus people have used this application. All you need to do is use Google Chrome, have a Google account and install the application by logging on to Angry Bird's Chrome Web Store page here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aknpkdffaafgjchaibgeefbgmgeghloj#

The gameplay is the same as the PC version in which you'll drag the bird with your mouse. I'll not write anymore and let the game do the talking.

2. Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio on PC
Rovio just released the Angry Birds Rio for PC. You can try it here: http://download.angrybirds.com/

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