May 21, 2010

Google TV: TV meets web. Web meets TV: Will it work for Google?

Google started their Google I/O 2010 with the announcement of the new Google TV application, which will be used on set-top boxes and HD TVs.

Will it work for Google? 

From a search engine, and diversifying into online advertising (Adsense), email provider (Gmail), web-based document processing and data storage service (Google Docs), video sharing (Youtube),  and then venturing into the operating systems and web browser sector (Chrome, Android and Chrome OS), Google Earth, Buzz, Picasa, Google Maps, Wave, Google Mobile, Google DesktopGoogle CheckoutGoogle Books Google Talk, Orkut, Google Video and now with Google Labs, Google has not stop introducing new products and services. Now it is Google TV.

Google Books' new look

Seeing so many new products, it seems that Google has a big market share on each individual product's market. However, it seems that not many people are using these softwares or services, especially Google Chrome, Google Docs, Wave, Buzz and Picasa.

As we can see Google Chrome's market share hasn't been stellar even though it is very use friendly with the introduction of bookmark sync and less clutters.

     Internet Explorer (53.26%; Usage by version number)     Mozilla Firefox (31.60%; Usage by version number)     Google Chrome (8.00%)     Safari (5.40%)     Opera (1.82%)     Other (0.89%)(Source: Wikipedia)
The dominating Microsoft (91% market share - Netmarketshare) has been bundling it's Internet Explorer with it's Windows operating systems, forcing users to use it. Of course, users will still use IE as many users such as colleges, universities(yes, i requested for Google Chrome and it was rejected.) and companies will not download any third party browsers as the operating system is preloaded with the web browser IE. Yes. Google's softwares are very useful, however, as we can see Google Docs, Orkut and Buzz, but all did not receive much buzz and hype as compared to Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and the user paid Microsoft Office. It is because it is not easy for Google to encourage users to change their email services from Hotmail to Gmail, from Facebook to Buzz and Microsoft Office to Google Docs because we know change is not easy. Perhaps something new, savvy and innovative can spark interest. Not easy though, we can see it from the Buzz (Initially, it forces all Google users to follow and be followed by fellow Google users) and Nexus One case. Now, with the iPad and and iPhone slated to be out on the 7th of June, Google need to do more in understanding the way people use the internet and software.

Can Google come out of the internet and go into that flat tvs? All we can do is wait and see.

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