Sep 30, 2009

Is your data securely erased?

Do you think by clicking the DELETE button, all your files will be guaranteed vanished from your USB thumbdrive and hard disk drive? The answer is surely NO. If not, I would not be writing this post then.

Eraser (click here to download), which is one of the best free file shredder, will do the job for you. It is easy to use. Just download the program from, and you are on the way there.

You can also securely erase the source files when you transfer your files to another location. When moving files or folders across drives, the operating system is forced to delete insecurely the source files after copying them to the new location. The Shell Extension allows you to securely move files, erasing the source files after copying them.


To drag your file to another location securely, use right-click and release it at the wanted location. Then,  choose "Eraser Secure Move".

To safely delete your files, just right click and choose "Erase".

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